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Peasant: “Yes, M’Lord?”

Ever played Warcraft? Or any Real Time Strategy video game? Well, to give you a brief description of what RTS’s are all about, basically, you command an army. You build your base of operations, bolster your forces, attack other armies, while protecting your own. And usually, when you click a unit, whether that be a peon or a soldier, it will respond with a “Yes, sir?” “Yes, m’lord?” or something like that. And whatever you order that unit to do, you can be sure that it would do it. That’s why I am a fan of this kind of game (though I am not saying that I am good at it). I get to play the master. Whatever I say, happens. If I start losing, I can just press pause and restart the game.

But what if suddenly, all the units I control revolted against me? What if they start a coup d’etat and overthrow me? That would be pretty fun, because all I’d do is start killing them off one by one. Or better yet I’ll just pull the plug and everything that holds them together falls apart. Why can I do that? Firstly, because they are just computer programs so I couldn’t care less. Secondly, I own the computer that they are in so basically I am lord to them so I can pretty much do whatever I want with them.

And I think this one way of looking at Jesus’ Lordship. First, He is God and we are his creations. We are not on par with Him. Everything around us was made through Him and for Him. So basically, He is the center and everything revolves around Him. You know why the world is 2/3 water? or why are there still so many things that we don’t know about the universe? I don’t. Probably we won’t know the answer even after a million years. And it is precisely because they aren’t made for us. They are made for God. We are just part of His creation, an so it is  our purpose to be FOR Him. But even if this was the case, unlike me who couldn’t care less about the computer programs, God cares for us. Although He is above and totally not in the same level with us, He is still mindful of us.

Also, since He is God, He holds the power to keep us together. What?! You mean to say there is someone that holds everything together? Yes! It is said that to divide an atom, you would require a lot of energy. If you are thinking 5 heavy-duty Batteries, you are gravely mistaken. Try a power source equivalent to that being used to power one city. Imagine the amount of power and strength you would need to hold one atom together. Now imagine the strength it would take to hold the universe. Now if God can sustain the universe, how much more can He sustain you?

Lastly, as our Creator and Sustainer, having Jesus as Lord means that He should be the master of your life. Meaning, what He says happens. He calls the shot. He tells you to wait, then wait. He commands you to go, you go. He orders you to attack, you attack. Whatever He commands, you obey. But then wouldn’t that be hard? There are things  that I don’t want to give up yet, habits that I can’t live without, things that I need to live. I know. It is hard. And maybe you are wondering why would people follow Him. But if you knew and understood the hardship that He underwent for you, then you’d not have second thoughts about it. You see Jesus is God. However, He became man just like us to fight the greatest problem man has, SIN. He endured sorrow, temptation, hurt, pain, and even death, a death that is so brutal, so painful, so embarrassing, so excruciating – death on the cross. The reason for that is this: so that you and I can be forgiven of our Sin, and have a right standing with God to enjoy eternal life with Him. Wouldn’t you trust someone who gave up everything for you? Wouldn’t you love someone who did that for you?

Jesus already is Lord. He made everything through and for Himself. The only thing we need to do is to accept Him as Lord of our lives. Yes, our lives, not just a part of it. That means, stopping the things that we know the Bible calls sin, and doing the things that would please God. (Now if you want to know what those are, read your Bible) Yes, it is difficult but if you understand and experience what Jesus did for you on the cross, then you’d trust the Lord, you’d love the Lord. This, then, becomes possible. It becomes bearable.

Let me tell you of one game, where the Player, controlled a group of young soldiers. 19 minutes and 8.4 seconds to the game, He sent these soldiers into the middle of the battlefield in the University Belt. There He started building His base of operations. Recruiting a handful of then not so talented people, He trained them to become soldiers who would advance His kingdom. Years after the number of His troops grew from a little over a hundred, to more than 72,000 scattered in the country. This is the start of my home church, Victory. It started with ordinary missionaries who went to the Philippines in the year 1984. They didn’t have anything on them but their Bibles and the message of Jesus’ love for us. Yes it was hard in Manila during those times. However, this did not stop them from being radical for Jesus, because they knew Jesus was radical for them.

Now, would you be radical for Him too?


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